Character Analysis and Personalities


Looking at the Enneagram model, I gravitated to “The Giver,” type two.  When thinking about the internal journey Ben must take to realize his goals and spark out on adventure, I thought about what it would be like for someone who is the opposite.  The Giver is someone who cares more for others than they do for themselves.  For a giver to go on an internal journey of self-discovery and a quest to find their own path would seem impossible.  A giver puts the needs of others before their own and doesn’t consider the possibility of fulfilling their own dreams as a priority.  

Take this hypothetical character of Karen.  Karen is a really talented artist and sculptor.  She works in a pottery store and teaches classes daily about pottery and how to use the wheel thrown technique and heat the pottery in a kiln.  Day after day she shows others the basics of her craft.  At night when she home alone she paints and molds pottery until the late hours of the night.  She also has been working on her own personal sculptor projects.  She never wants the world to see them because she never wants to take up the spotlight.  She much rather raise other people up than to put herself on a pedestal.  One day a friend from high school, Jessica, comes to visit and catches a glimpse of some of Karen’s work.  She is blown away and tries to encourage Karen to open her own art school and gallery to share her art with the world.  Karen, apprehensive at first, must now weigh the options of striking out on her own and turning her talented hobby into something the world can appreciate and experience.  

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