Stressful times and finding balance.

I recently returned to work after being home for eight weeks on paternity leave after my wife gave birth to our second child. Getting back into the swing of balancing, commuting, work, kids, household duties, hosting a podcast, developing another one, and school has been a real challenge. I developed a method and workflow that as of late gone out the window. I am trying to recenter and regain my focus but it has been a real struggle. I try to take moments to myself but they are fleeting. Also while at work last week I re-injured my recently surgically repaired knee and have been dealing with that as well. I am hoping that in the weeks to come I can regain my focus and find a balance to my new normal.

I have also thought a lot about the passing my Kobe Bryant and his daughter as well as the other seven passengers on the helicopter. On Sunday when I heard the news, I must have hugged my two daughters and told them I loved them a thousand times. You never know what can happen in life. Life is fleeting and random. It can change in an instance. That is one of the reasons I enrolled in the MFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. I have wanted to do this for a long time and I want to move my life forward. I also want to show my daughters that their daddy believes in a good education and that we are always learning. I hope they can look back at their dad and be proud that he wanted to always work toward making himself better.

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