Game Lore

Here is an idea I had for the Lore of game in my Writing for Games Course.

The planet of Olara was once a beautiful place of sprawling mountain ranges, breathtaking oceans, vast shorelines, and millions of species of plants and animals.  In the time before the spawn of A. I. and the Techno Organic Virus, Olara was an oasis.  It was a peaceful planet that loved its creatures that inhabited it.  Olara welcomed anyone to partake in its beauty and its vast resources.  

            Olara was the first planet in the Quasar Solar System Alliance to house breathable hair, and a place for living creatures to inhabit.  It is the oldest planet in their known universe.  The first beings to invent tools and grow crops.  Olara was the paramount of existence.  There was no war, no famine, no pain, only love.  

            That all changed in the year 4002.  That year, Olara welcomed beings from the most distance planet in the solar system.  Members of the Unixell planet came to learn of the bliss and tranquility of Olara.  What they brought in return would change the course of events on Olara forever.  

            The Unixellians brought a gift of technology known as “The J5-Eye.”  The J5-Eye was the first form of artificial intelligence Olara had ever seen.  The J5-Eye analyzed the entire planet and found ways to improve everything that was once the norm on Olara.  It began rewriting any of the technology to perform at a more efficient rate than ever before.  The people of Olara were amazed.  They began to allow J5-Eye to restructure anything it could.  Before long, J5-Eye began to evolve itself.  Some believe it was by accident, some think it was a plan all along by the Unixellians.  

            The people of Olara started a war over whether or not to keep J5-Eye.  Billions died when those in favor of keeping J5-Eye allowed the A.I. to build weapons of mass destruction.  In an instant, whole countries were wiped out.  Then J5 began its real attack.  With countries in ruin, J5 saw a problem that needed to be fixed.  It sent drones into the earth and began rewriting the terrain itself into a machine.  This was where the Techno-Organic Virus was born.  

            Those who weren’t infected by the virus and assimilated into living A.I. fled to cities not destroyed by the war.  Some of the world leaders thought they should abandon the planet.  Others, the purest who believed Olara could be saved wanted to stay.  As a contingency plan, the last remaining cities began to build six shuttles they called “The Life Rafts.”   In the event the Techno-Organic Virus grew too strong, the Life Rafts would launch one million people each to the closest inhabitable planet in the solar system.  

            The first of the cities to fall was Lami.  The Techno-Organic Virus got in by mistake they say.  A man was farming at the edge of the city and his tractor wheel hit a rock and jumped outside the shield.  It was only for a second, but that was all the virus needed.  In days the virus spread like the brush fires of Mount Regno during the war.  The people barely stood a chance.  Of the three million residents of Lami, only about 500,000 made it onto Life Raft Echo.  One of the passengers had the virus but didn’t know it.  As the shuttle took off, the passenger got sick.  They were dead the moment they left the ground.  The captain was forced to hit the self-destruct button killing all 500,000 on board.  They could not risk spreading the virus to another planet.   

            After that, a similar fate fell on three more shuttles.  More than two million people died in an instant.  Now those of us who are left in the last two surviving cities pray we don’t endure the same fate.  The leaders of both cities agreed not to use the life rafts unless we could not find a better solution to save our planet and what’s left of its people.  We now conduct daily tests to ensure we are not infected by the Techno-Organic Virus.  

            A small rod is inserted in our ear that reaches the base of brain.  If it beeps, you are infected, and the rod drops a micro charge in your head.  Your head immediately explodes.  It may sound harsh and painful, but you get used to it.  The first test subjects were having a few false positives, those were tragic.  Most of us have come to grips with it and would rather die instantly than live with the virus and be controlled by the A.I. to kill those we love.

            Until we can find a way to rid our world of this virus, we are all here waiting for our turn to die.  We cannot leave the planet.  If we do, we could spread it outside of Olara.  We cannot risk this virus going beyond our world. 

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