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Here is an assignment I wrote regarding World Building in Writing for Games:

Planet: Olara

            In the not too distant future, the planet Olara (O-La-Ra) is ravaged by a Techno-Organic Virus.  Ninety percent of the planet has been taken over by A.I. that has assimilated all of the planet’s resources into binary code.  Seventy-Five percent of the lifeforms on Olara have been assimilated as well.  The oceans are now electrified to carry the vast currents of data that flow throughout the planet.  

            Industry has been completely wiped out.  Plant and animal life are virtually extinct.  Breathable air is at a premium, and you can only go outside at night.  People have been forced to wear special breathing devices called oxygenators.  These devices filter the methane and sulfur dioxide gasses in the air produced by the Techno-Organic Virus and convert them into breathable oxygen for the wearer.  

            Humanoid lifeforms, known as, Anthropomorphians, live in city structures constantly monitored by A.I. seeking to assimilate them.  These cities, if you will, are all that is left of a vast wasteland that used to house civilization.  Food is the only currency and it is obtained through a bartering system.  

            The cities are made from the rubble of time forgotten.  Ancient structures that used to house the captains of industry are now looked as sacred ground to worship and pray for change or salvation.  The capital of civilization for the Anthropomorphians is Silnuna (Sil-Nu-Na) where only the highest class of people dwell and prosper.  This city is protected from the A.I. by force shield that surrounds the city and through the planets top layer of its crust.  The capital building rests atop an ancient castle fortified by lasers that scan for any heat signatures not approved to approach.  A light rail carries its residents from point to point within the dome.  Those who live outside the dome in the surrounding cities can only enter when someone inside dies.

Inside the walled city of Silnuna lies remains of what was once the planets largest inter-galactic observatory, the Totality Sphere.  In it lives the world-renowned scientist, Dr. Yeter Ohines.  Dr. Ohines has been working tirelessly on the pursuit of communicating with identical planets throughout the Multiverse.  He believes that there are nine identical universes out there.  Each one contains the identical configuration of galaxies and planets.  Unlocking the Multiverse and accessing the other eight Olara planets is in his mind, the key to saving their planet from total annihilation by the A.I. 

Dr. Ohines with is trust assistant Dr. Solaris Nalvao (So-Lar-Is Nal-Va-O) have recruited a team of seven brave Anthropomorphians to travel into the multiverse and recover seven relics from the alternate Olara planets.  These relics, once combined, are the key to ridding the planet of the Techno-Organic Virus forever.  The only problem is, there is no guarantee any of them will make it back in time.  

Upon unlocking the Multiversal Time Stream Device he was able to ascertain the coordinates of the eight parallel Olara planets.  Dr. Nalvao will have to lead a team of brave, sometimes reckless, often unpredictable, but always eager Anthropomorphians into the unknown.  She holds the coordinates that can bring them home through the tether that Dr. Ohines must maintain constant control of.  Otherwise, there is no hope of returning home.

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