The Nexius Conflict

            During my journey through the MFA program at Full Sail University I have been waiting for the opportunity to craft a graphic novel.  It has been a lifelong dream of mine to write comic books.  As an avid reader for the last 35 years, and the host of the podcast, “Wizards, The Podcast Guide to Comics,” creating stories for comics was something I have always aspired to do.  

            When the opportunity came to adapt a flash fiction story I wrote earlier in the program, I knew what I needed to do.  I have a love to space and the concept of the multiverse.  When I wrote a worldbuilding story about a hostile planet known as Nexius, I knew that was what I wanted to base the comic book on.  

The Nexius Conflict follows the story of prisoners sent to Nexius as the universes prison planet for the worst criminals.  When two of the inmates, Caleb and Cheyenne get into a fight with some other inmates, they are forced to go on a suicide mission to find the universes worst criminal Odak.  Though Odak is imprisoned on Nexius, he is somehow running a militia who is terrorizing planets throughout the universe.  If Caleb and Cheyenne capture Odak and get him to reveal how he is running things from Nexius, they will be cleared of all charges and set free.  

The comic uses the flash fiction for Nexius as the foundation to tell a larger story.  This one planet could have millions of stories to tell.  This is just the beginning of an interconnected narrative that spans the multiverse.  

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