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My name is Michael Cannetti. I am a screenwriter, narrative storyteller, graphic novelist, and professor of film and screenwriting. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts degree program at Full Sail University studying Creative Writing. I have been an Adjunct Lecturer of Film and Video Production at a college in the CUNY system of New York City. I am also the Senior Computer Laboratory Technician maintaining over 400 Apple Computers and Mobile Devices as well as Film, Video, Graphic Arts, and Photography equipment.

As a writer I feel the strongest connections to the genres of drama and thriller.  With drama I love to tell character driven stories about personal struggles and overcoming obstacles.  In the genre of thrillers, I have always been fascinated with the concept of analyzing the psychopath and the mystery of the unknown.  When I look at drama, I tend to see my stories as the deconstruction of norms.  The audience can view the story and characters in a voyeuristic point of view, with the hopes of peering into their souls.  With thriller, as I mentioned earlier, I love the analytical side of viewing psychopathology.  I like to strip down the character to its base level and reveal pieces like the peeling back of an onion.

Primarily I work in the media format of film and live action.  Though the lion share of my work is in screenplays, as an avid comic book reader.  I have a great passion for writing graphic novels.  I am not a novelist, but I do believe graphic novels are a form of visual storytelling much like film.  I prefer these two formats because, I have a strong connection to both and have all my life.  With both film and graphic novels, I know how long a story needs to be.  I can see the arc of the story, and I understand the narrative structure.  

When it comes to writing for film, I have twenty years of experience working in production both in front of and behind the camera.  I have produced several independent projects, as well as, been a consultant on projects for my peers.  In addition, I host a podcast about films in the 1990s.  With graphic novels, I have of thirty years of expertise reading comics.  I also host a podcast dedicated to comics and new media in the 1990s and beyond.  

I always strive to keep a sense of child-like wonderment and an imagination that I tap into.  I am an avid surfer, woodworker, yogi, swimmer, cyclist, and tennis player.  I am also learning to play the acoustic guitar.  I believe that as human beings we must always strive to enhance our minds and grow our knowledge and skillsets.  I need to be constantly pushing my mind and myself to try new things and grow as a person and a writer.

“We live in a culture of feelings and associations, where ideas are more important than things.”  (Bayley, Of Human Branding, 2005)

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This is my welcome introduction video for the work I do. I am a writer, editor, producer, and editor.