Character Analysis and Personalities


Looking at the Enneagram model, I gravitated to “The Giver,” type two.  When thinking about the internal journey Ben must take to realize his goals and spark out on adventure, I thought about what it would be like for someone who is the opposite.  The Giver is someone who cares more for others than they do for themselves.  For a giver to go on an internal journey of self-discovery and a quest to find their own path would seem impossible.  A giver puts the needs of others before their own and doesn’t consider the possibility of fulfilling their own dreams as a priority.  

Take this hypothetical character of Karen.  Karen is a really talented artist and sculptor.  She works in a pottery store and teaches classes daily about pottery and how to use the wheel thrown technique and heat the pottery in a kiln.  Day after day she shows others the basics of her craft.  At night when she home alone she paints and molds pottery until the late hours of the night.  She also has been working on her own personal sculptor projects.  She never wants the world to see them because she never wants to take up the spotlight.  She much rather raise other people up than to put herself on a pedestal.  One day a friend from high school, Jessica, comes to visit and catches a glimpse of some of Karen’s work.  She is blown away and tries to encourage Karen to open her own art school and gallery to share her art with the world.  Karen, apprehensive at first, must now weigh the options of striking out on her own and turning her talented hobby into something the world can appreciate and experience.  

Character Creation and Development

So this week we started up again after the short winter break for the holidays. Honestly those two weeks felt a lot longer. I am both excited and nervous about this class. I am really looking forward to maintaining a high level of quality work, but I am nervous about time management. I’ve also just started a bi-weekly podcast called Wizards, The Podcast Guide to Comics with my friend collaborator Adam Pope. It is hosted by the Retro Network and can be found a lot of different podcast platforms. I am also working on another podcast project that I hope to get off the ground really soon.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

So we are coming to end of the month and of another course in the MFA. The Art of Visual Storytelling with Professor Michael Merriam was really an eye opening course. I truly enjoyed it. It was challenging, fast paced, engaging, exciting, and funny. If this is what I have to look forward to I am really glad I made this decision.

Visual Storytelling

We are in the second week of our Art of Visual Storytelling class. I have been working really hard on the assignments. It is a lot of fun, and I’ve had story ideas just pop into my head the moment I have to go and create something. It is really cool to be back in the swing of things in order to create content. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. Things in my life have been really hectic between school, a new baby, work, the holidays. Time management has been put to the test, but so far I feel pretty good about things.

I had to write a Haiku the other day. That was really fun and different. Here it is:

The days go by fast.

Sleepless nights are normal now.

Babies cry a lot.

-Michael Cannetti


I’m not a big Lord of the Rings fan, but I found this quote on Pinterest from J.R.R. Tolkien that I really liked so I figured I would share it.

What Can We Become?

I saw this post recently and it really spoke to me. I connected to it in a personal way. I have always struggled to accept the things about me I need to change and wondering if this is as good as it gets. That started to change once I became a parent, and over the course of the next year I hope to evolve more and start on the path for whom I wish to become.

I found this post on

Know Your Worth

It is a little ironic that I am posting this today. When I was asked to post something inspirational that I saw recently I was really struggling with the idea. Then today at out the clear blue, one of oldest and dearest friends sent me this.

“Know you’re worth. Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.”

I could not find an author but I thought this was the appropriate quote or item of inspiration for me personally this week.


This is the first time I have ever created an actual blog post, so this is a little new to me. I am not the type that tends to share these deep rooted thoughts and feelings on the internet. Most of the time I tend to lean in the direction of sharing funny memes and gifs as my default.

Over the last few weeks since I have started my MFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University my perspective, and my perception of things has started to shift. I’m not sure if I am forcing it to, or based on the readings, videos, discussion posts, or conversations my mind is starting to see things differently for the first time. In particular, the Mastery book by Robert Greene has hit me a few times really deeply. It was as if in a few brief moments, he was writing about me. The book has given me pause multiple times. There have been a few instances where what the book was saying forced me to take a break from the reading because it hit too close to home. (Greene, Mastery, 2012)

That brings me to the point about “perception.” The way I have perceived things for most of my life has been turned on its head in only a matter of days. It was really hard for me to think of an inspirational quote or image that came to mind. I really struggled with this for days on end. Then in a moment, as if it came out of nowhere, I was reminded of something.

When I finished my undergraduate degree in the early 2000s I was struggling to find my place in the world. In a lot of ways fifteen years later, I would say I still am, but I am getting closer. I was reminded of a poster I had in my bedroom in my childhood home. It was a poster I purchased not long after college mostly because I thought it looked really cool. I didn’t really think about what it was saying, what it meant, or most importantly, what it was saying to me.

When I scoured the internet for JPEG images of it, the options were limited, so the attached picture might not be the best resolution, and not to my normal standard of things I would share. The poster is generally referenced as “Sea Escalator.” But the poster is actually called Surrational Images by Scott Mutter. He was a photographer who created montages of mixed unnatural images to create something unique who died in 2008. The poster is of a man silhouetted in a suit with a briefcase, standing in water with waves crashing around him as he walks towards giant escalators, one going up and one going down. It is a really unique image that always really connected with me. There is a quote at the bottom of the poster that reads as follows: “I’m A Pilgrim On The Edge. On The Edge Of My Perception. We Are Travelers At The Edge. We Are Always At The Edge Of Our Perception.” (Mutter, Surrational Images, 1992)

It is a very unique image and poster. I had to dig it out of my closet to find it buried behind tons of other old posters and junk. I felt it was important to share this particular image because, as I mentioned earlier, I feel for a lot of the student enrolled in the Mastery class at Full Sail University, we too are travelers at the edge of our perception. We are on the brink of finding out who we are, and what we are made of.