Portfolio of Work

Chapter I: Spectrum

Spectrum is a flash fiction piece I wrote about a man trapped in his home searching for a hidden enemy that is tormenting his mind. The question you are to ask yourself, is it real, or is it a manifestation of the mind.

Listen to a reading of Spectrum.

Dopamine, An Internal Monologue

Dopamine is a flash fiction piece I wrote about the impact of technology on our lives, and the way it takes over our daily routines. Will the technology we use everyday take over our lives?

Listen to a reading of Dopamine.

Tattered Pages

Tattered Pages is short film script I wrote about a couple on the brink of breaking up as they battle addiction and the emotions that go along with it. This story also focuses on the importance of music in ones life and the struggle to manage mental health.

That’s A Latte

Web-Series Pilot Episode #101 The Quarterback Sneak Caffè

Episode 1 of That’s A Latte follows the lives of a group of coffee shop employees and the hyjinx the ensue.