Professional Resumé

I am a self-motivated individual with a diverse skillset and experience in film, creative writing, technology, media production, and higher education. I am a competent leader and mentor. I am an education professional who believes in utilizing technology and innovation to create. In addition to a dedicated focus to deliver positive results, I possess a strong creative leadership mindset.

I have been a filmmaker/storyteller for the last twenty years. I have worked in many aspects of filmmaking and higher education throughout my career. As well as experience teaching on a the collegiate level, I carry with me a Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking, an MBA in Business Management and Leadership, and most recently, an MFA in Creative Writing. I was the valedictorian of my MFA program.

With my diverse skillset and background, as well as my collaborative feedback driven teaching style, I will guide the students to create their best work.

When you review my resumé and credentials you’ll see that I will bring a great mix of mentorship and leadership to the degree program. Not only am I a writer, producer, I am deeply passionate about education.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Let’s get in touch. Email me to schedule a meeting.